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Who Is Sozo Exchange?
We here at Sozo Exchange believe that everyone, regardless of economic level, should have equal access to quality education. We view Sozo Exchange as a place where people exchange ideas and resources, to foster an invaluable learning environment. Like the stock market where people trade shares of companies, we here at Sozo Exchange trade our shares of knowledge to help each other explore new ideas. Everyone is welcome here at Sozo Exchange—the ultimate, international platform for individuals and businesses to mutually grow.

What Does the Word “SOZO” mean?
“Sozo” is a Greek word which means “to rescue” or “to save.” It also means “creation” or “to imagine” in Japanese. Our goal is to create a global community where people are free to creatively explore, and imagine new ideas. In this community, we can all be both teachers and students as we train ourselves and our community peers. We are not presumptuous enough to think we can “save” the world through our global educational platform, but we do believe we can make a difference. Accessible education is the first step to change.