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Q1 - How can I download a transcript of each episode, study guide, and audio exercises?

A1 - After watching each episode, you can go to the Episodes page and click on the ‘Take the online survey’ button. You will see a new separate window for the online survey open up. Please make sure to answer each question. Otherwise, you cannot go to the next question. After submitting your survey answers, you will see three buttons for downloading a transcript, audio exercises, and study guide. It’s important to keep the window open, until you are done downloading all the files.

Q1 - What are the purposes of collecting survey data?

A1 - we collect survey data for two purposes: to improve our educational content; and to provide our corporate sponsors with aggregate data about the opinions of our global users. But, we do not disclose your personal data such as name, address, e-mail address, etc. to a third party. For more information about our privacy policy, please visit our Privacy Statement page.

Q2 - Do I need to complete the online surveys before I can download transcripts of video lessons, audio exercises, and study guides?

A2 – Yes. You need to answer all the questions and click on the ‘Submit survey’ button in order to access the download links for our study materials.

Q3 - Can I take the same online survey more than once because I accidentally closed the survey window before I could download a transcript, audio exercises, and study guide?

A3 – Yes. We currently allow our users to take the same online survey more than once. We may change this policy in the future once our users are familiar with our online survey features.

Q1 - When I try to download the video episodes from the Sozo Exchange website, the download process takes very long time or nothing happens.

A1- If you are using Internet Explorer to download the video lessons from our website, the web browser tends to completely download the files before QuickTime or video application, capable of playing m4v files on your computer starts playing the video. In the meanwhile, it appears that nothing is happening. Since our video files are fairly large (50 – 80 MB per file aprroximately), the downloading time could be long, depending your Internet connection speed and the level of Internet traffic on our video server.
For your best Internet experience with our website, we recommend Firefox as a main browser and iTunes. (For more information about Firefox and iTunes, please refer to the next question below.)

Q2 - What software do I need to watch the video lessons?

A2 - Although there are many applications to watch our video lessons, listen to audio files, and browse our website with, we recommend the following software:
1. iTunes for subscribing to our feeds, watching our video clips, and/or listening to our audio exercises. Please visit the following website to download iTunes.
2. Firefox for browsing our website. Please visit the following website to download Firefox.
3. QuickTime for watching our video lessons ( Quicktime comes with iTunes.). Please visit the following website to download Quicktime alone.