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That's Interesting

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1. Sincerely - Meaning: I find what you’re saying or doing enjoyable or stimulating.
Example: My friend Bob created his own furniture line made out of recycled materials.
Bob: I made this table entirely from recycled car parts.
Me: That’s interesting. (I’ve never seen old car parts used in that way.)

2. Questioningly - Meaning: I’m not so sure about what you’re saying; I don’t really know what I think about it.
Example: Jeremy thinks it’d be a good idea to invite his ex-girlfriend to his wedding.
Jeremy: I’m still friends with my ex-girlfriend, and I’m hoping that it won’t upset my fiancé to have her at the wedding.
Me: That’s interesting. (I hope that turns out all right for you because my guess is it won’t.)

3. Sarcastically - Meaning: I really have no interest in what you’re saying; it’s quite boring.
Example: Jim the computer programmer keeps talking to me about computer programming details.
Jim: Actually there are multiple algorisms you can use to get the correct program working here.
Me: That’s interesting. (I am so bored by this conversation.)


You Must Be Kidding

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1. Surprisedly - Meaning: This is unbelievable; I can’t believe what a surprise this is!
Example: Kelly won the lottery and is telling me about it.
Kelly: I won! I actually have the winning lotto numbers!
Me: You must be kidding (about winning the lottery)!

2. Questioningly - Meaning: This news is hard to believe; I’m uncertain if you’re being honest.
Example: Elizabeth says that she went on a date with George Clooney last night.
Elizabeth: George Clooney was my date last night; he took me to the nicest restaurant.
Me: You must be kidding (about this; there’s no way you went out with George Clooney).

3. Angrily - Meaning: I can’t believe you did this. I hope you are joking because this is terrible.
Example: Mary crashed my car after I let her borrow it.
Mary: I’m so sorry but I got in an accident with your car. I ran into a wall.
Me: You must be kidding (about crashing my car; I’m so angry about this).


Take Your Time

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1. Sincerely - Meaning: I’m not in a rush; take all the time you need.
Example: I'm waiting for my friend Jenny to meet me for coffee. Jenny is running late but I have a book with me so I don’t mind the wait.
Jenny: I’m so sorry. I’m running late but I should be there soon.
Me: Take your time (I’m not in a rush so there’s no need to hurry).

2. Sarcastically - Meaning: You are taking a very long time and I’m not happy about it.
Example: I'm behind someone in line who is taking an extremely long time to get money from the ATM.
Ben: I’m almost done.
Me: Take your time (you’ve taken forever already so might as well take more time).

3. Encouragingly - Meaning: You can do this! Don’t hurry through it; take the time necessary to do it right.
Example: I'm teaching 6-year-old Billy to read. He struggles over long words and has to work them out slowly.
Billy: This is a hard word.
Me: Take your time (you’ll be able to do it; just stick with it!).


Never Mind

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1. Sincerely - Meaning: Don’t worry about it. It’s not important anymore.
Example: I told Jim that I might swing by his house before the concert.
Jim: I think I’ll be at my house all day.
Me: Never mind (it doesn’t look like I can come by anymore so don’t worry about it).

2. Dismissively - Meaning: Forget about it. I want to change the subject.
Example: My dad and I always fight when we talk about my spending habits. I hate talking about it with him.
Dad: You asked about ways to save money and you should really think about creating a budget.
Me: Never mind (I shouldn’t have brought it up and I want to stop talking about it now).

3. Angrily - Meaning: You’ve upset me and I want you to stop talking now.
Example: Gina always gives her opinion on everything. She thinks I should break up with my boyfriend because he’s boring.
Gina: You could do so much better. You should really dump him.
Me: Never mind (I am very angry; stop talking)!


Excuse Me

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1. Politely - Meaning: I’m sorry to bother you.
Example: A waitress, Mary, walks up to take the order of two women who are involved in a deep conversation.
Mary: Excuse me (I’m sorry to interrupt), can I take your order?

2. Angrily - Meaning: I can’t believe what you just said or did.
Example: Mark and Linda are in a fight. Mark tells Linda that he cheated on her a month ago.
Mark: It’s true. I went out with Monica several times.
Linda: Excuse me (I can’t believe what you’re saying; this is horrible)?

3. Sarcastically - Meaning: I’m not really sorry for what I said or did. You are being sensitive or entitled.
Example: I gave my sister Jane an expensive new sweater for her birthday. She yelled at me for getting it in the wrong color.
Jane: I hate yellow! You should have gotten it for me in pink!
Me: Excuse me (for doing something nice for you; you are very rude).

4. Apologetically - Meaning: I feel bad for what I said or did; I wish I could change the situation.
Example: I dropped my watch off to get cleaned at a jewelry shop. When I went to pick it up, the shop manager told me she had misplaced the watch.
Manager: Please excuse me (I’m so sorry for losing your watch).


I Don't Know

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1. Honestly - Meaning: I’m not aware of that information.
Example: My friend Marissa lost her algebra book. She can’t find it anywhere.
Marissa: I can’t find my algebra book anywhere. Have you seen it?
Me: I don’t know (where your algebra book is).

2. Apathetically - Meaning: I don’t have the answer and I don’t care enough to find out.
Example: My mom keeps asking me what I want to do with my life career-wise and I’m tired of her asking.
Mom: Don’t you think it’s time that you figured out what kind of career you want to pursue? All your other friends have. What do you want to do?
Me: I don’t know (and I really don’t care).

3. Apologetically - Meaning: I really wish I had the answer but I don’t.
Example: I borrowed my brother Joe’s car to go to the store. When I came out of the store, the car had a dent on the door.
Joe: What happened?
Me: I don’t know (how the dent occurred but I’m really sorry).


Thanks A Lot

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1. Sincerely - Meaning: I really appreciate what you did.
Example: My mom sent me a huge bouquet of flowers for my birthday.
Mom: I hope you like the flowers.
Me: Thanks a lot (I really love them and appreciate you sending them).

2. Jokingly - Meaning: I’m teasing you. I’m not really thankful but I’m also not upset.
Example: I’m on a diet so I’m avoiding desserts. Karen brought over freshly baked cookies.
Karen: I know how much you love cookies so I made these for you this morning.
Me: Thanks a lot (this is ruining my diet but I appreciate your thoughtfulness).

3. Sarcastically - Meaning: I do not appreciate what you said or did. I wish you hadn’t done it.
Example: My friend Lisa accidentally told my boyfriend that I’m planning on breaking up with him.
Lisa: I didn’t realize what I was saying. It just came out!
Me: Thanks a lot (you really messed things up for me; I wish you’d kept your mouth shut).


That's funny

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1. Honestly - Meaning: I find that humorous. It makes me laugh.
Example: My brother Ken created a silly dance routine to cheer me up.
Ken: Check out my funky moves!
Me: That is funny (your dance makes me laugh).

2. Sarcastically - Meaning: I don’t find that funny. I find it boring or dumb.
Example: Jerry made fun of my friend Larry, calling him fat. I’m not at all amused by his comments.
Jerry: You’ve gotten so fat; you could crush someone by sitting on them.
Me: Wow, that’s funny (you are mean; that is not funny at all).

3. Suspiciously - Meaning: That’s odd or out of character.
Example: Mike hates country music but he went to a country music festival last weekend with his new friend, Anne. I find this suspicious and think he probably has a crush on Anne.
Mike: I went to the country music festival in the desert.
Me: That’s funny (because you hate country music; something’s going on).


You Really Shouldn't Have

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1. Sincerely - Meaning: You really didn't have to do what you did for me, but I really appreciate it.
Example: I missed school today because I was feeling sick. My classmates, Jason and Amy, stopped by my apartment to bring some food for me.
Amy: Hope you are feeling better now. We brought some chicken soup for you.
Me: You really shouldn't have (gone out of your way to get me the food, but I really appreciate it.)

2. Angrily - Meaning: What you did to me is something you should never have done.
Example: My sister Jane went out last night wearing my favorite white dress without asking me if she could borrow it. Then, she accidentally spilled red wine on the dress. The next morning, she showed me the dress.
Jane: I am so sorry about this. I know I am not supposed to go into your closet and borrow stuff.
Me: You really shouldn't have (gone into my closet, borrowed the dress without my permission and ruined my favorite dress.)

3. Happily - Meaning: You did something very nice for me and I really like it.
Example: My lovely grandmother bought a brand new BMW for me as a college graduation gift.
Grandmother: Here are the keys to your new car.
Me: You really shouldn't have (bought me such an expensive gift.)


I Miss You

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