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That's funny

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1. Honestly - Meaning: I find that humorous. It makes me laugh.
Example: My brother Ken created a silly dance routine to cheer me up.
Ken: Check out my funky moves!
Me: That is funny (your dance makes me laugh).

2. Sarcastically - Meaning: I don’t find that funny. I find it boring or dumb.
Example: Jerry made fun of my friend Larry, calling him fat. I’m not at all amused by his comments.
Jerry: You’ve gotten so fat; you could crush someone by sitting on them.
Me: Wow, that’s funny (you are mean; that is not funny at all).

3. Suspiciously - Meaning: That’s odd or out of character.
Example: Mike hates country music but he went to a country music festival last weekend with his new friend, Anne. I find this suspicious and think he probably has a crush on Anne.
Mike: I went to the country music festival in the desert.
Me: That’s funny (because you hate country music; something’s going on).