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Thanks A Lot

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1. Sincerely - Meaning: I really appreciate what you did.
Example: My mom sent me a huge bouquet of flowers for my birthday.
Mom: I hope you like the flowers.
Me: Thanks a lot (I really love them and appreciate you sending them).

2. Jokingly - Meaning: I’m teasing you. I’m not really thankful but I’m also not upset.
Example: I’m on a diet so I’m avoiding desserts. Karen brought over freshly baked cookies.
Karen: I know how much you love cookies so I made these for you this morning.
Me: Thanks a lot (this is ruining my diet but I appreciate your thoughtfulness).

3. Sarcastically - Meaning: I do not appreciate what you said or did. I wish you hadn’t done it.
Example: My friend Lisa accidentally told my boyfriend that I’m planning on breaking up with him.
Lisa: I didn’t realize what I was saying. It just came out!
Me: Thanks a lot (you really messed things up for me; I wish you’d kept your mouth shut).