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Excuse Me

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1. Politely - Meaning: I’m sorry to bother you.
Example: A waitress, Mary, walks up to take the order of two women who are involved in a deep conversation.
Mary: Excuse me (I’m sorry to interrupt), can I take your order?

2. Angrily - Meaning: I can’t believe what you just said or did.
Example: Mark and Linda are in a fight. Mark tells Linda that he cheated on her a month ago.
Mark: It’s true. I went out with Monica several times.
Linda: Excuse me (I can’t believe what you’re saying; this is horrible)?

3. Sarcastically - Meaning: I’m not really sorry for what I said or did. You are being sensitive or entitled.
Example: I gave my sister Jane an expensive new sweater for her birthday. She yelled at me for getting it in the wrong color.
Jane: I hate yellow! You should have gotten it for me in pink!
Me: Excuse me (for doing something nice for you; you are very rude).

4. Apologetically - Meaning: I feel bad for what I said or did; I wish I could change the situation.
Example: I dropped my watch off to get cleaned at a jewelry shop. When I went to pick it up, the shop manager told me she had misplaced the watch.
Manager: Please excuse me (I’m so sorry for losing your watch).