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Never Mind

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1. Sincerely - Meaning: Don’t worry about it. It’s not important anymore.
Example: I told Jim that I might swing by his house before the concert.
Jim: I think I’ll be at my house all day.
Me: Never mind (it doesn’t look like I can come by anymore so don’t worry about it).

2. Dismissively - Meaning: Forget about it. I want to change the subject.
Example: My dad and I always fight when we talk about my spending habits. I hate talking about it with him.
Dad: You asked about ways to save money and you should really think about creating a budget.
Me: Never mind (I shouldn’t have brought it up and I want to stop talking about it now).

3. Angrily - Meaning: You’ve upset me and I want you to stop talking now.
Example: Gina always gives her opinion on everything. She thinks I should break up with my boyfriend because he’s boring.
Gina: You could do so much better. You should really dump him.
Me: Never mind (I am very angry; stop talking)!