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Take Your Time

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1. Sincerely - Meaning: I’m not in a rush; take all the time you need.
Example: I'm waiting for my friend Jenny to meet me for coffee. Jenny is running late but I have a book with me so I don’t mind the wait.
Jenny: I’m so sorry. I’m running late but I should be there soon.
Me: Take your time (I’m not in a rush so there’s no need to hurry).

2. Sarcastically - Meaning: You are taking a very long time and I’m not happy about it.
Example: I'm behind someone in line who is taking an extremely long time to get money from the ATM.
Ben: I’m almost done.
Me: Take your time (you’ve taken forever already so might as well take more time).

3. Encouragingly - Meaning: You can do this! Don’t hurry through it; take the time necessary to do it right.
Example: I'm teaching 6-year-old Billy to read. He struggles over long words and has to work them out slowly.
Billy: This is a hard word.
Me: Take your time (you’ll be able to do it; just stick with it!).